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We specialize in supply, trading and representation for the textile industry in Latin America.

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Stephen Koulouthros

Fibers, filaments, yarns and finished products

Cellphone & WhatsApp + 507 6667 7586

International Cellphone + 1 305 741 9483

Email: stephen@gekotex.com

Harry Koulouthros


Cellphone & WhatsApp + 58 414 324 3997

International Cellphone + 34 665 327 912

Email: harry.koulouthros@gmail.com

Melanie Aserraf


Cellphone & WhatsApp + 34 695 41 55 57

Email: melanie@gekotex.com

Patricia Mendoza

Orders & Logistics

Cellphone & WhatsApp + 34 659 07 95 04

Email: patricia@gekotex.com

Paul Pelaez

Logistics & Shipments

Cellphone & WhatsApp + 58 424 246 5776

Email: gekoyarns@gmail.com

Carolina Marmol


Cellphone & WhatsApp + 58 412 393 7347

Email: gekologistics@gmail.com

Find out where we come from and where we are going

1952 – 1982


GEKO was founded over than 70 years ago, with Greek and Venezuelan origins. Our grandfather, Harry Koulouthros, together with our father, Georges Koulouthros (GE-KO), moved from Greece to Venezuela, with dreams ahead of them and endless ideas. Using their knowledge and the experience they had working with European companies, they founded a fabric and textile products representation company, called Representaciones Georges Koulouthros SRL, aimed at satisfying the market of wholesalers and distributors in Caracas.

1952 – 1982
1983 – 1998


The family business developed, gradually incorporating the three sons. The generational handover process began in 1983, and took approximately a decade to be completed. In 1987, sales began to increase with new customer portfolios in the industrial, manufacturing and household lines, among others. New divisions were included, such as natural fibers (cotton, ramie, linen), synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon, acrylic), man-made fibers (rayon-viscose), plain and textured filaments, elastomers, latex and coated rubbers, regenerated yarns, natural yarns (mainly cotton), natural/synthetic blends and pretended yarns, among others. By 1995 the 3 brothers were fully operational and in charge of the company, while the founders happily retired. In the same year the company began to venture into Latin American markets, specifically Colombia, Peru and Mexico. In 1998 the company was renamed Representaciones GEKO C.A., as a worthy heir of the original company. In 1998 the company also ventured into the Costa Rican market.

1983 – 1998
1999 – 2009


In a decade, we managed to penetrate most of the countries in the region: Dominican Republic in 1999, Ecuador in 2001, Guatemala and Central America in 2005. By 2009, the company reached a volume of more than 350 containers of textile raw material delivered per month, tripling sales between 2000-2009.

1999 – 2009
2010 – 2021


By 2014, international sales covered 70% of the total revenue, thus achieving the challenge of internationalizing the company, so as not to depend exclusively on the Venezuelan market. That same year, the office in Panama was established in order to cover the surrounding markets more effectively. GEKOtex Ltd S.A. was created in 2018, with headquarters in Panama, thus obtaining greater weight and presence as a company of international scope & reach.

2010 – 2021
2021 – ∞

What’s next

We envision a future in which we continue to provide exceptional service, share our knowledge and know-how, expand and innovate our product portfolio hand in hand with our suppliers, and support even more customers in the region to achieve their goals with the best raw materials and finished textile products in the market. We are committed to continuing this important mission, measuring our success through the satisfaction of our customers.

2021 – ∞

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